Chorus Nota Bene was founded 1985 by a number of choir singers in Zurich, Switzerland. They wanted to promote the Nordic choir music in the Zurich area and furthermore enrich the cultural life in Switzerland. The choir has currently more than 40 members from Zurich and surroundings. Although the members of the choir are from such diverse countries as Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Northern Ireland and the USA, the internal language in the choir is Swedish or Scandinavian.

The choir is conducted since 2012 by Hans Ahlmann.

The main activities in the agenda of the choir is an annual spring concert in May and the Christmas concert in December. In addition to these concerts the choir also performs regularly in the Swedish church in Zurich. On top of this there are also a number of Lucia procession prior to Christmas.

Nota Bene has also made a number of CDs which can be streamed from Spotify and other streaming services.

The latest CD, Stilla Natt, was released in 2019. (in German)